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Why do I need to change my air filters? Why monthly???

Air filters keep dirt and impurities from circulating throughout your home. The purpose of an air filter is to protect the furnace from the dust and dirt that infiltrates your home and to clean the air we breathe. We all bring in dust and dirt when we come into our house. Our dogs and cats shed. Those folks who live on a gravel road, they know about the dust!

When we run our A/C or furnace, the fan pushes the air through the ducts and into our rooms. If you have a dirty filter, you loose much of the efficiency due to the higher amp draw (furnace is working harder) and the life expectancy of the equipment is shortened.

Not all filters are created equal. The filters that you find at the big box store is much more restrictive and damaging to your equipment. They are cheap and not effective. We recommend the hybrid technology from Respicare to filter and clean the air. Respicare’s technology combines both filter media and electronics to offer an easy and effective way to protect your furnace and clean your air.

We look at cleaning your air as important as cleaning your water. It is difficult to see the impurities that are floating in the air as opposed to being able to see the impurities that are floating in your water. If I asked you to fill your cup with river water and then drink it, would you drink it? Of course not!!

If we ran that same water through a system of filters, you would be able to see that the impurities are removed from the water, making it more appealing to drink. Air is just as important as water, it also needs to be filtered and purified for the health of your indoor home environment.

Changing your filters every thirty days is critical to the health of your home and your furnace. Using a good quality filter will improve both the health and the longevity of your hvac system.

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